sex injuries are commonWe're going to be looking at anybody walking down the street with a limp and a hickey with new respect. A new survey reveals around one-third of the population has experienced a sex-related injury -- but nobody's seeking treatment.

The survey, which was conducted in England, noted that a pulled muscle was the most common injury, and that the most dangerous place to do the deed is on the couch. ("Right next to a large pile of broken glass" was mysteriously missing from the list, which also included stairs, cars, showers and the usually innocuous bedroom.)

Other common injuries included back injuries, carpet burn, stiff neck, bashed elbows and twisted knees. (Twisted knees? What are these people doing, jogging down a flight of stairs and humping at the same time?) While most of these injuries are minor and don't need medical attention, it's important not to let embarrassment get in the way when they do. (See: penis fractures, allergic reactions, bleeding, concussions, etc.)

Have you ever sustained a "passion-related" injury?
Leave an anonymous comment and let us know. Unless anonymity isn't your thing. No judgment. Check out some reader horror stories below to get you going. (Names have been deleted to protect the maimed.)

"I accidentally leaned back too far during girl-on-top, resulting in my accidental dismount/half-backflip off his bed. We were both in horrible pain, but the Russian judges were impressed."

"My boyfriend accidentally put it in my pooper recently and it made me cry. I didn't say anything until about 5 pumps in because I was frightfully shocked and I couldn't poop for 4 days after that. We joked about it later? But it sucked and it hurt like hell."

"I once tripped getting into bed and headbutted the girl I was with so hard it gave her a nose bleed."

"This one dude did something I can only describe as, 'vigorous t*t shaking' -- grabbing my nip tips and shaking the hell out of them. They were red and sore and rawish for a few days."

"Definitely got kneed in the chooch while naked when I accidentally 'tickled' a dude."

"One time my (ex-) girlfriend and I were drawing on each others private parts and, long story short? Sharpie markers make your balls feel like you dipped them in fire."

"I have a bad back, and I've had to stop sex because of back spasms on multiple occasions, and once threw out my back completely trying to do a 360 on my boyfriend's penis. I really don't know what I thought I was up to."

"My boyfriend and I were going at it like crazy and my head was sort of ramming into this plush hotel pillow, until he accidentally knocked the pillow off the bed smashed my head directly into the wooden board. I saw stars. Not in the good way. Probably like, in the concussion way."