weddingLast week, Virginia Sole-Smith wrote about walking down the aisle hand in hand with her fiance instead of on her father's arm. It sparked an interesting conversation over on our Facebook page about whether being "given away" is an antiquated tradition.

suggested that even if the tradition originally carried a different meaning, it's become a gesture that simply symbolizes the father-daughter relationship. Others loved Virginia's modern take on the wedding march -- some, like Nikki, walked alone, while others had their moms and sisters escort them down the aisle.

We want to know: How do you feel about being "given away" at your wedding? Is it an outdated and sexist ritual -- or a classic tradition you can honor?

redlin"[Walking with your fiance] is a great way to announce that you're in it together. The whole 'giving the bride away' -- well, think about it. Even the term makes the bride sound like a piece of property. Besides, I love anything that makes it stand out in my memory -- a dress that isn't white, a cool venue, fun music, self-written vows, women standing up on the groom's side, whatever."
-- RedLin, 32 (Minneapolis)

bryanna"I would call myself a 'pseudofeminist.' I'm all about empowerment, but I'll admit I'm a sucker for antiquated wedding traditions. But the empowerment is in making the choice for myself and not feeling socially pressured to partake of these traditions."
-- Bryanna, 21 (Saint Marys, Ga.)