Sandy and Diane from the cast of Sunset Daze.Uh, hi, have you seen WE's new retirement-home reality show, "Sunset Daze"? (It premiered this past Wednesday, so find a rerun if you missed it, STAT!)

The drinking! The flirting! The GOLF CARTS!

It's like the cast of "Jersey Shore" if the cast of "Jersey Shore" could hold its liquor and didn't make us want to drill holes in our heads like those crazy people we once saw on an episode of "Dateline."

The ladies of retirement community Sun City Grand have learned a thing or two about livin' and lovin,' and it shows. So we emailed two of our favorite cast members, Sandy and Joanne, and asked them to answer some of our pressing relationship questions.

Today, we ask the ladies to address that rabid raccoon of emotions: Unrequited Love. Their answers ("Try skeet shooting!") may surprise you.

Lemondrop: Help, Sandy and Joanne!!!!! I'm in UNREQUITED LOVE. What do I do?
Sandy and Joanne: First, surround yourself with good friends -- especially girlfriends! Ladies, if men are the source of the problem, don't turn to them for comfort. Your girlfriends will give you the emotional support that HE didn't. Plus you and your pretty girls will get dibs at all the best golf courses (we speak from experience!). Remember there are plenty, and I mean plenty of fish in the sea. Shrug it off and start over.

Next, have a double pinot grigio. ["Real Housewife"] Ramona Singer swears by them and look how happy she is! Alcohol is 100% permissible, as long as you don't inadvertently leave your shoes in the taxi. If it's really bugging you, go for a martini. Just stay away from shots -- you don't want anything to haunt you later when you're with your new beau.

It's important to just get your mind off him already. Instead, focus on things you know you love. For us, it's hitting the golf course, skeet shooting and treating ourselves to chocolate. Trust us, men come running to you when they see how much fun a girl is having.

Finally, go out and find a man who DOES like you. One look around Sun City and you'll see that the men here are still chasing after us girls, not the other way around. The best way to snag a good one is to cast a wide net, so get back in the game. We're especially fond of happy hour-- the drinks are cheap and the possibilities? Endless. Men are everywhere!

Just put yourself out there and be open-minded, and you'll meet someone. In the meantime? Golf, exercise & eat chocolate!

"Sunset Daze" airs at 10 p.m. Wednesdays on We TV

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