Message in a bottle connection made through FacebookWhat? Can it be? Good news involving Facebook?

Over 30 years ago, a Belgian boy named Olivier Vandevalle was sailing in his father's yacht when he decided to write a message, tuck it in a wine bottle and toss it into the sea. (Oh, the romance!)

Cut to modern day, on a beach in Swanage in Dorset, England, where Lorraine Yates found the bottle and decided to hit the Internet, looking for Olivier, who is now 47 and a father of two. Lorraine easily tracked him down on Facebook and sent him a message of her own.

At first, Olivier didn't even know what she was talking about -- it had been so long that he didn't even remember writing the letter. But it soon all came flooding back, and he now credits his father with the letter remaining intact all these years -- he'd insisted on sealing the cork to the bottle with candle wax so that it would be waterproof.

Olivier and Lorraine are now Facebook friends, which is probably more than she could have expected from sending a letter to a now invalid address. Maybe Facebook is actually good for something after all (other than feeding our tooootally harmless Farmville addiction).

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