We always looked to Molly Ringwald for how to get the guy -- which is why we have so many mismatched pairs of diamond earrings.

Our favorite Shermer, Ill., redhead is no longer the world's prettiest awkward teen (she's 40 now -- we can't believe it either), and she's had her share of heartbreak -- onscreen and off -- with the occasional career slump, divorce and misguided hair decision. (We could have warned her not to go blond!)

But it's cool, because she's learned a thing or two about fellas (younger can be better), French cheese (never, ever cut the end off), the F-word (she loves it) and why it's awesome to be single (although she's now happily married with three young children.) And she's thoughtfully compounded all of her hard-earned Molledge into a new book on living, "Getting the Pretty Back," which hits bookstores today.

Below is an exclusive excerpt in which your favorite former angsty teen doles out some tips for how NOT to deal with a breakup. And not a moment too soon, as some of us are still getting over Andrew McCarthy.

Pack It Up
Take everything that reminds you of your now ex-significant other and put it in a box. Wrap strong sticky tape around it. This last detail is very important, since it can be tempting to bust it out and torture yourself after drinking too much wine. The tape is usually a pretty good deterrent -- depending on how much wine you have actually imbibed.

Don't Drink Too Much Wine
There is a saying that there is no problem that can't be made much worse by drugs and alcohol. I'm all for wallowing -- it is an essential part of the grieving process; however, an excess of any mind-altering substance can keep you from genuinely feeling your feelings. Everything becomes a little bit better or a lot worse. The only thing that can heal you is to honestly deal with the pain. Better to do it with a clear head and leave the wine to the good times.

Start a Rigorous Workout Regimen
There is no better time to get into shape. It will do wonders for your fragile ego (and no one's ego feels great during a breakup -- no matter who is breaking up with whom). Mix the high-intensity cardio with relaxing and centering yoga.

Plan a Trip Away With a Really Good Girlfriend
Make sure that you don't pick a place that has too many memories attached to it. One day when you are stronger you will want to reclaim those places, but now isn't the time. Pick a place that you have always wanted to visit but was vetoed in the "Where should we go on our vacation?" discussions. Take lots of pictures of you looking gorgeous. (If you don't feel gorgeous, act like it anyway. Your brain will eventually catch up.)

Imagine the Possibilities
Think of every interest that you have ever wanted to pursue but have never found the time, then try a few. I bet we would be very surprised if we added up the countless hours that were spent on unhealthy, destructive relationships. A Buddhist adage says something like: "If you weren't thinking about that which makes you unhappy, what would you be thinking about?"

So think about it. Whenever you feel caught up in the misery, stop and ask yourself what you could be doing with that time instead.

"Getting the Pretty Back" is available today from It Books, an Imprint of HarperCollins.