It was supposed to be the Summer of Love in Stockholm.

Princess Victoria, the eldest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, is scheduled to wed in mid-June, amid weeks of love-themed festivities. The crown princess had already taken her fair share of heat for taking up with a commoner: Her fiance, Daniel Westling, is a former trainer. But now he sure looks like a prince compared to her little sister's true love.

Princess Madeleine Therese Amelie Josephine, 27, shown at left with her fiancé, Jonas Bergstrom, 31, a lawyer, just called off her royal wedding. The cause? Rumors that he had sex with a college student while they were engaged.

First, we'd like to say: It's nice that being a princess doesn't make you immune to this sort of behavior. And we sure wish we had a Royal Court to announce our decisions to the world -- as opposed to having to rely on Facebook. But more than that, we wish all chicks -- on the fast track to the throne or not -- would exhibit such dignity.

"After having thought it through thoroughly, the Princess Madeleine and Mr. Jonas Bergstrom have made their decision to go separate ways," said the statement issued by the court, reports CNN.

Let's do the math: Now he's tainted goods in a country her dad runs, while she's a hot princess back on the open market.

Elin, are you listening!?

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