Couples in East Asia wear matching outfitsOh, so you think you and your boyfriend of nine years are pretty serious, do you? Then why aren't you both wearing matching pink Adidas polo shirts to prove it, huh?

In eastern Asia, where PDA is still a taboo, couples have taken to synchronizing their outfits to display their affection. The trend is so popular that stores are starting to make outfits sold in pairs, and pictures of couples dressed identically have overtaken fashion magazines. When a couple who've been dressing the same break up, the clothes aren't worn again, which, on one hand, kind of sucks, but on the other hand ... POST-BREAKUP SHOPPING SPREE!!!!! We can sort of see the appeal.

While the idea of a couple wearing identical Bermuda shorts might make you want to gag, consider the alternative: couples swapping spit on the subway. Honestly, that's way worse than matching graphic hoodies. Or giant yellow floral muu-muus. Check out more scary his and hers fashion options in the gallery below...

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