The Baby-Sitters Club holds a special place in our hearts. That's why I geeked out a little when I got to interview Ann M. Martin. She was the first author I waited in line to meet at a bookstore, and I remember at least once when -- since I'd already spent my allowance on a giant paint can full of Tongue Splashers gum -- I had to borrow money against my next week's pay to get the new BSC Special Edition book that had just come out. Yeah, it was important to me.

But what I also remember is that horrible TV show that we all watched in spite of the fact that even our 10-year-old selves realized the acting sucked. (But on the flip side, the BSC movie with Alex Mack and Rachel Leigh Cook was kind of awesome.)

So for old times' sake, I present to you the best of the Baby-Sitters Club on film, after the jump.

Zach Braff + Dawn Schafer = LOVE. The kind of love that even his anti-tree-hugging ways can't get in the way of.

And this, my friends, is why you don't f**k with Mary Anne.

13-year-old Stacy McGill knew how to work the Awkward Girl angle better than we can now. Then again, she was the slutty one.

The opening sequence, just so you can have it in your head ALL WEEKEND.

Thank goodness tomboy Kristy shops at the sporting goods store. How else would she know that that slut Marcy is all up on Mary Anne's man, Logan. But, of course, Mary Anne's cool as a cucumber. Lesson noted.

Remember the Baby-Sitter's Club Mystery Game? It was probably on your shelf between Mouse Trap and Mall Madness.