Sweden has given us so much -- its meatballs, its Skarsgårds, it's Muppet chefs.

But more than anything, it gave us Pippi Longstocking, who was quite possibly the coolest literary character to ever exist. Let's face facts, here, folks: pirate dad (check), suitcases full of gold, monkey butler (check), disproportionate strength that allowed her to lift her pet horse over her head (check, CHECK). Yo, nice owl, Harry Potter ...

The newish remake of the movie was OK, we guess, but we have a soft spot for the old, imported Pippi VHS tapes that you had to cadge from some sour old children's-section librarian. The theme song, featured here, was positively cortex plundering, even if the English dub renders the lyrics a tad janky. Enjöy!

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