Well, we might as well all abandon any pretense of being classy ladies and admit that formal courtships are pretty much a thing of the past. Random hook-ups are all the rage, and so, obviously, are studies about them.

According to new research from James Madison University in Virginia, the number of young people who say they've enjoyed had casual hook-ups is more than double the number who say they've been on a "first date."

INTERRRRESTINGLY enough, both men and women say they prefer traditional dating to hooking up, but more women than men prefer first dates to getting on a random guy (41 percent to 20 percent).

Unfortunately, the powers of cheap tequila can't always be defeated.

Some of what the researchers found was rather "tell us something we don't know." Women, whether hooking up or dating, were most afraid that they'd develop an emotional attachment to somebody who wasn't interested. The guys? That their casual hook-up would become emotionally attached.

But here's where it gets interesting: When considering the possibility of a long-term relationship, both the women and the men preferred dating to hooking up. In other words, if you're scheduling booty calls rather than doing dinner, it could be tough to transition him to boyfriend. Whether you care, of course, is another matter entirely.