Well-educated women drink gobs of boozeWorried that you drink too much? Well, pat yourself on the drunk back and blame your propensity for guzzling vino on the fact that you're just so darn smart.

According to a recent, enormous study, women who have a college education are nearly twice as likely to drink daily as their less-educated peers, and they're more likely to admit having a drinking problem as well. (The study didn't look into how much these women were drinking, but did point out that these smart drinkers were more likely to say that their lives had been negatively affected by alcohol.)

Seems like it could just be the actual going to college that's engendering a love of getting crunk, right? But the correlation between intelligence and drinking is so strong that it can be fairly accurately determined whether or not a person is going to drink on a daily basis by the age of 5 -- just by looking at her test scores. Getting a "medium" or "high" score indicates a girl is 2.1 times more likely to drink daily as an adult.

Rather than curse your liver for paining you so, next time try cursing your brain for making you drink in the first place, Poindexter.