Styleite editor-in-chief Verena von Pfetten knows what she likes. And what she hates. To be clear, the 26-year-old disdains heels, is a huge sucker for expensive bags, and believes strongly that if you love something enough, you can wear it every single day and no one will question you. Oh, and also: She's Canadian. (But don't hold that against her.)

We love her mix of glam and tomboy, which equals a laid-back chic that we've been trying to nail down for years. Here, Verena's picks will help you (and the rest of us) capture the perfect girl-meets-boy look.

Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Tops in Charcoal by Converse, $45 I believe in comfort above all else, so naturally I hate heels. Gray Converse go with everything (yes, even dresses!) and are wearable year-round. You'd be hard-pressed to find me in an alternate form of footwear.

Cheek Stain by Benefit Cosmetics in Posie Tint, $28 Everyone knows tanning is bad for you, but when you're as pale as I am, you need a little oomph to keep you firmly in the land of the living. Benefit's Posie Tint is the perfect shade of girlie pink, and a couple drops will last you all day.

Rodarte Love/Hate Sweatshirt in Grey, $155 Even I can't believe that I paid $155 for a sweatshirt, but I managed to justify the splurge with the fact that this is, in all likelihood, the only piece of Rodarte I'll ever own. Also, it's iconic, makes for great layering, and might be the most comfy thing I've ever worn.

The Night Planner Glasses by Cheap Monday, $35 I don't believe in showing your eyes to the outside world before 2 p.m., so I live in sunglasses. Since I'm also incredibly disorganized, I believe in cheap sunglasses. These Cheap Mondays are adorably retro without being straight-up knockoffs -- and at $35, they don't break the bank if you leave them at your corner coffee shop.

Denim Trucker Jacket by Levi's, $68 Like my trusty Converse, a great form-fitting jean jacket can go with everything: sundresses, black skinny jeans and even the occasional black-tie gown. (I promise you'll be the belle of the ball.) My Levi's one has been with me for more than 10 years now -- and it only gets better with age.

Essie Nail Polish in Shelter Island, $8 Nothing brightens up a gloomy day like a sunny pop of color on your nails. I wear Essie's Shelter Island all year-round; in the winter to cheer me up and in the summer because, well, it's summer!

Men's Oversize Gold Watch by Michael Kors, $250 I'm too lazy to coordinate my jewelry to my outfit, so I tend to stick to a couple bold statement pieces. Along with a vintage Chanel necklace that I stole from my mom, this Michael Kors oversize men's-inspired watch gets worn on a daily basis, no matter what I'm wearing. And if there's one thing men always compliment me on, it's this watch.

Nars Lipstick in Manhunt, $24 If you're like me and your day-to-day work clothes consist of black jeans, an oversize tank, and a cashmere hoodie, then you'll know that a crisp swipe of bright-red lipstick makes everybody look put together. Day or night, it spruces up any look and saves you the effort of having to actually put on makeup. Manhunt by Nars is the perfect red -- a touch of pink, super-moisturizing and flattering on everyone.

Leather Bucket Bag by Alexander Wang, $825 I know, I know -- $825 is no small chunk of change, but I'm the first to admit that expensive leather handbags are my Kryptonite. That said, there's an upside: You'll have it forever. And this bucket bag by Alexander Wang is the perfect size and shape to take you from day to night, and everywhere in between.

Gingham Bikini by J.Crew, $50 for top, $44 for bottoms Every girl needs a go-to bikini -- the one you throw in your bag for those last-minute beach trips which more or less never happen but for which it never hurts to be prepared. J.Crew makes solid swimsuits, and this gingham halter lets you jump on the retro bandwagon without looking like you time-traveled from the '60s.