Apparently a new "-ista" trend has been established: Kitchenistas. And no, this isn't April Fool's aftermath (we don't think). The NY Post profiled several women (and men) who have transformed their New York City kitchens into closets -- making use of cabinets, ovens, even refrigerators to house surplus clothing.

"I have one closet, and things were overflowing, so I started putting shoes in the fridge," says 26-year-old Bari .

"I called up my super and asked him to turn the gas off, so I wouldn't accidentally burn my clothes," says 27-year-old Zandile, who stores her jeans and heels in her oven.

Sure, we have a soft spot for shoes, too, but not so many that they fill the icebox.

So we decided to ask around. Kitchenistas: real trend, urban legend, or something only Carrie Bradshaw would contemplate?

Here's what our friends had to say:

"I knew someone who kept jeans in the oven, but that was a long time ago. She married a rich guy and has a separate little house for her nanny now."

"My friend Kym stored clothes in her oven! Four people have lived in her apartment over the span of 15 years, and I'm not sure the gas in her oven has ever been turned on."

"A former co-worker's wardrobe took over her entire kitchen. The only area she didn't usurp was the refrigerator."

"I have a friend who has this amazing apartment in a gorgeous doorman building. There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING in the pantry of the kitchen except beauty products, bath products and shoes. She keeps sheets in her cabinets -- extra bedding, etc. Every cupboard above the counter has multiple shoeboxes in it. And yes, she keeps sweaters in her oven."

How about you? Do you use your kitchen for cooking -- or dressing?

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