Megan Capone, 34, had some experience with online dating when she first messaged now-husband Jim Capone on

"I thought he looked like a model," said the social media and marketing consultant and blogger. "I wrote, 'I'm impressed, how about you?'"

Jim, 37, had been on Match for about six months and was taking a break from the site when he got Megan's message.

"I wasn't even looking at the time," said Jim, who works for a financial software company. "She kind of tracked me down."

The duo discovered they lived only five minutes from each other in Dracut, Mass., and grew up in neighboring towns with rival high school football teams. They started emailing almost daily and chatting on the phone after a week. Even though he was interested, Jim made Megan wait for a date.

"Something I learned over the years is to be patient," he said. "We paced ourselves."

When they met in person, they went to Barnes & Noble, then to an ice cream shop. It was while eating their treats that an endearing goof made Megan realize Jim was something special.

"We went down and ordered some ice cream, and he dropped his on the ground," Megan recalled. "He recovered perfectly. He didn't get upset. He just went back to get more."

The two then went for a walk along the river and sat on a bench where it was Megan's turn to make Jim wait.

"He said, 'I'm going to have to kiss you now,'" she explained. "And I said, 'No, I'm too nervous!' So he didn't."

But on the walk back to the car, Jim handed Megan a daisy, her favorite flower, and gave her a soft kiss. After that first meeting, Megan said she was "ready to jump in with both feet, which was a little scary." Jim, however, went at a slower pace.

"He doesn't do anything without really thinking about it and knowing for sure," Megan added. "It took him longer."

As they spent more time together, Jim was taken with Megan's kind and respectful ways: "Aside from the attractiveness and cute smile, she treated me very well. She was so keen on me. She was good for my ego."

Megan liked Jim's humor and thoughtfulness: "We had similar positive energy, and we're optimistic and cheerful. He went out of his way to make me comfortable. He bought me my favorite flower, made me my favorite breakfast, bought champagne I liked."

The river they walked along on their first date would be the scene of a later milestone in the couple's relationship. On May 6, 2007, Jim once again took Megan for a stroll and then to sit on a bench. This time, instead of asking to kiss her, he proposed to her. The two married in April at the same church where Megan's parents and grandparents wed.

Megan says that if it hadn't been for, she's not sure she and Jim would ever have crossed paths despite living so close to each other.

"We didn't really hang out in the same crowds. I don't think we would have met."

Tips From an Expert

Rochelle Peachey, dating expert and founder of I Love Your Accent, a site for U.S. and U.K. singles, offers these online dating tips:

Be clever: "Don't say, 'I love movies and music.' Instead, write examples of specific movies and songs you like."

Hook them from the beginning: "Try to come up with a clever header, rather than 'Hello,' or 'Looking 4 U', or 'Are you the one', etc. For example, how about 'New Kid on the Block Needs Tour Guide,' or 'If You're Irish, Can I Come Into the Parlor?' (an old Irish song)."

Be spontaneous: "Many single people would not think twice about hopping on a plane for a five-hour flight from Florida to California to meet someone special. It's only two hours more to fly from New York City to London. If you feel a connection with someone, show some spontaneity."

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