stop-signsWe've all been on the receiving end of brutal rejection. Which can mean, when the situation's reversed, it's nearly impossible to tell your co-worker straight up that he's not going to score with you -- not now and not ever.

But listen up, girls, because here -- straight from a guy's mouth -- is proof that, unless you're blunter than Simon on "American Idol," he's not likely to get the point.

Bigpallooka, a self-described "sensitive sort of guy," explains: "Every guy has a success story where he didn't take 'not really interested' for an answer. It teaches us that (some) women can be 'talked around'. I would even go so far as to say I have known many couples who began when one or the other party wasn't very interested, and the other 'harrassed' them into getting to know them better."

He puts the male need for blatant rejection simply: "If we really, really want you (or just haven't had any in a while) we might not listen to anything subtler than a sledgehammer."

What's a girl to do then? After the jump, Lemondrop readers share their (sometimes extreme) methods for putting an end to his googly eyes, once and for all.

1. Mean what you say. "Ladies, when you tell him you just want to be friends, mean it and act like it. If you tell him that and treat him like just a friend but you encourage his attention, you are actually stringing him along just in case -- you know, like a spare penis in a glass box that says 'in case of emergency, break glass.'" -- Angiebaby

2. Shame him in front of his friends.
"I had a guy who would not get the hint although I did tell him straight-forwardly: I 'do not see you that way.' He kept on going, attempting to be cute and hit on me, so I told him, 'I do not want you.' He found it to be kind of rude, and even attempted to make himself feel better by making fun of it while we were in a group. I responded by telling him, 'Stop trying to make yourself feel better by belittling the fact that I told you I didn't want you.' After that, he left me alone." -- Kim

Bring backup. "I have some intimidating male relatives. If I really don't like someone, and he doesn't get the hint, a night around them will definitely stop him. They don't usually resort to violence, but the verbal abuse alone would send anyone running." -- lvdwillia

Get law enforcement involved. "I ran into this same problem when I was 22. The guy was 44 and just could not understand that I am NOT interested in older men (or at least not ones that are THAT much older). I ended up having to get a restraining order after he assaulted me trying to make some very unwanted moves." -- Megan

5. If all else fails: (fire) escape.
"I once had to climb out a window." -- Julie

Got more surefire methods of getting Mr. Wrong to take a hint!? Share your wisdom below.