cleavageWhat's a girl to do when you go out drinking sans purse and pockets? Your ID and phone sure aren't walking themselves to the bar. If you're anything like CJ and her well-endowed friends, you let your bra do double duty as both rack support and small-item storage.

From reader responses, it looks like CJ's not the only one with a "chest of wonders." You guys shared the crazy things you've had nestled in your cleavage, whether on accident or on purpose:

"I found a peanut the other day... it had been there long enough to leave an imprint!" -- Rachel

"My phone. I was sitting down, using the computer and just slid it in my cleavage. And then I looked all over the apartment for it before we finally called it, and my chest started ringing." -- Holly

"I am forever finding crumbs and snacks (nuts and goldfish especially) in my bra. Apparently I eat like a starving hyena." -- Beauty and the B*tch

"The craziest thing I ever found in my bra, was one of those BB's-stick on dots that the mammographer had stuck on me to mark my nipples! I apparently forgot to remove it after my mammogram!" -- Elizabeth

"My bra is pretty much a 'catch all.' Depending on what type of bra I am wearing you can usually tell what I have had to eat that day. Just got back from the gym and found my mini iPod. Good. I was looking for that." -- Maddie

"My husband almost fell on the floor laughing when I walked in with the sleeping baby and had his sippy cup in there ... WHAT?! ... I needed an extra hand." -- Nicole

"A cheat paper for a math test." -- Ivana

"Irregularly use my bra and hooters as a cell-phone holster, as well as a place to store grocery lists, business cards, money, and medication. Who needs a purse when one has MONDO TATAs?" -- Muffybolding

"Handcuff key, enough said!!!" -- Phoenix

"Friend of my folks used to keep her earthworms there when fishing. In a Styrofoam cup of course -- otherwise that would just be gross(er)!" -- Psnookums

Tell us! What other crazy stuff have you found between your boobs?

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