We've all used our bras like a purse at some point -- especially if you've got a larger rack.

I have a friend who called a locksmith because she forgot she had shoved her keys in her bra when we went out drinking that night. I stored lipstick in mine once, and it dislodged while I was dancing and leaked all over me like something out of a horror film. Cell phones, gum, earrings ...

I spoke to some well-endowed friends and asked them what they found in their brassieres, after leaving it there, or finding it unintentionally. Let's just say they didn't come up empty-handed.

A spider: A friend once took her bra off, and there was a smooshed-flat daddy longlegs stuck to her boob. We have no idea how that happened.

Keys -- Who hasn't done this? Well, maybe small-breasted girls or people with metal allergies, for starters.

Valet Ticket / Coat Check Tab / Ticket Stub: Hey, where the hell did I put that? Oh, right.

Popcorn and Sundry Food Items -- My friend said that his wife took her bra off once and a generous handful of popcorn cascaded out of her boobs. (He also said he immediately fell more in love with her.) I only hope that the guy I was eating with once when I had a French fry in my cleavage felt the same way.

Phone Numbers and Business Cards: This happens a lot after networking cocktail parties when you fall asleep in your clothes.

Earrings and Bobby Pins
: They fall out of your hair, they end up here.

Cash: It makes you feel like a stripper, sure, but the only thing better than taking off your bra at the end of the day? Takin' off your bra and finding a five-spot.

What's the craziest thing you've found in your bra? I'm dying to know.