While our coverage of all things "Twilight"-related usually consists of "Kristen Stewart sucks," get ready for a Lemondrop bombshell:

"Twilight: The Graphic Novel"? It's really not that bad.

I know what you're thinking: Those books are dreck, with awkward prose and ridiculous sparkling vampires. Vampires don't sparkle! Well, in the "Twilight" universe they do, and the graphic novel makes Edward Cullen's sparkle-reveal to Bella Swan all the more melodramatic and crucial by making it one of the few pages in the book featuring color art.

When I read the original "Twilight" series (yeah, shut up), one of my biggest critiques beyond the creepy co-dependent relationship of Edward and Bella was that the books weren't "literary" enough. They seemed as if they were just screenplays in novel form. Obviously, Hollywood noticed this as well.

This is volume one of the series, and it features the first half of the first book. You meet most of the major characters -- the vampire Cullens, the werewolf Blacks, the human high schoolers -- but you still don't truly know who is threatening Bella's life as mentioned in the prologue.

But when you put some of Meyer's basic, bare-bones writing with Young Kim's illustrations, it actually seems to work. Portraits of dreary and rainy Forks, Wash., work much better than Meyer's plodding descriptions in original-recipe "Twilight." The characters still have a generic, blank-slate quality (Bella looks like every long-haired nymph of a high school girl who was "good at art" and drew on her book covers), but seeing them in illustrated form makes them a little more "real."

Still, if you hate all things "Twilight," you're not going to have a change of heart because the medium for the story has changed, and if you're a Twihard, you've already purchased the book and probably have read it multiple times.

And for me, it's a little weird for this version to be released after the movies -- not from an financial standpoint, as it clearly it makes sense for the franchise (cha-ching!) -- but from an aesthetic one. I found myself comparing animé versions of the characters to their film counterparts, which gets all mentally dyslexic. But I still prefer the animé Bella to Kristen Stewart's rendition.

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Heather Muse is Lemondrop's contributing editor. She really can't get behind the idea that vampires sparkle.