We can't help but remember our first loves, even if we'd rather forget them.

Whether it was a high school sweetheart, your first real relationship after college, or the first person you said "I love you" to, chances are that person still holds a powerful spell over you. Now a brand-new TV show is betting on the fact that -- if you haven't already found him on Facebook -- you'd like the opportunity to reconnect in real life. Or maybe on live TV.

Each Wednesday, "First Love, Second Chance" follows a couple who have decided to reunite and discover whether they still have sparks. OK, we can see the appeal of re-discovering the one who got away, but what would possess someone to do it front of a large chunk of America? We asked a few of the "First Love, Second Chance" cast members to find out -- including the pair who got their second go at true love last night.

Then we asked a handful of women whether they'd ever go back.

TV COUPLE: Twelve years ago, Pam and Chris had their first alcohol-fueled tryst: She was a bartender, he was her favorite customer. But back then, he liked hitting the bottle a little too much, and just when things started to get serious, Chris got a job in another state. Today, Pam is a teacher living in New Jersey, and a clean, sober Chris is now a cabana boy (be still, our beating hearts) in Miami Beach.

Our prognosis: Depends on how many of the 12 steps Chris stuck with. And, as much as we'd like to have him fan us while we sipped mojitos, last we checked, cabana boys don't exactly have career longevity. We dock him points for his past substance-abuse problems -- and current career wha?! -- issues. But maybe Pam's looking for a bad boy outside of the classroom?

Chris and Pam's episode aired last night, but we're not going to ruin it for you. Here's what they had to say going into the date (then you can go see what happened):

"I had no expectations," Chris told us. "I just wanted to have fun and see Pam again. I thought it would be great to see her. And you know, if anything happens, it happens."

And it's hardly surprising that for a teacher, this was all about what Pam could learn from the experience. "I don't have any regrets," she said. "Everything you do is a lesson to be learned."

TV COUPLE: Chris and Breanne first met a decade ago at the University of Canada. After dating for a year, Chris laid his feelings on the line -- and used the L word. But when Breanne didn't say it back, he walked away. Fast forward 10 years: She's a writer living in L.A.; he's an Arctic explorer who globe trots for a living. (By the way, great casting, TVLand!)

Our prognosis: We love a man who works with penguins, but long distance is a bitch, and cell reception where he travels won't be a walk in the park. But there's always Skype!

Besides, Breanne's optimistic: "I think if people are single, and it was a healthy, good relationship the first time around, absolutely anyone can fall in love with their first love," she says. (Watch their episode on April 14.)

With all this talk about first loves, we were curious, so we asked a few friends if they would want to see a formative ex again:

Though she already found him on MySpace, Annie's still wondering about a guy she calls her first love. The two were together in high school but broke up when he enlisted in the Navy. While it's been years since they've spoken, she decided to innocently reconnect on the Web.

"I knew I was past the breakup, past the new marriage he has with someone I know and past the young love we once had," she says. "[But] I requested him as a friend on MySpace, and he denied my request."

REAL LIFE STORY: Chloe may have stopped talking to her boyfriend cold turkey after their bad breakup, but she isn't completely closed to the idea of trying again.

"I'm not entirely against it," she says. "But I think there would have to be a legitimate reason you want to reconnect. He will most likely not be the same person you knew back then, and you will realize you weren't meant to be friends either."

REAL LIFE STORY: Alli doesn't think stepping back into the past would ever be for her.

"I'm in a wonderful relationship with my current boyfriend, and I would never want to look back," she says. "He treated me poorly -- kind of led me on a bit -- and I now realize how I am better off without him."

REAL LIFE STORY: After 10 years of zero communication, Dani's ex-love found her. The two met for dinner and even had breakfast in bed.

"I didn't expect that to happen," she said. "Just thought we'd catch up on our lives, and there was no awkwardness. It was nice to see him, but he was new and old at the same time."

REAL LIFE STORY: While cleaning out her inbox, Katy found her high school boyfriend's email address and decided to shoot him a line. About six months later, he responded with a friendly reply but also mentioned that he had a girlfriend, which made her wince, since "he was really hot and used to be all mine."

With the help of Facebook, she discovered current photos of the high school sweetheart and was ecstatic to see that he's not as hot as he used to be.

"He's fat now and so totally not the hottie I dated," Katy said. "It's not supposed to be a competition, but his girlfriend gets this version of him. I got the stud version AND his V-card."