Sure, there are more hangover remedies under the sun than spirits you can drink to bring one on -- but our favorite is drunk food. That medically-unproven carb fest designed to help soak up an unwise quantity of liquor in record time.

We surveyed seven other hard-drinking cultures to bring you Hangover Busters Without Borders, the go-to drunk foods of lush lasses around the globe.

Eat like a hungover Irish girl = Ulster Fry with Farls
If you are certain that green beer is the cause of your sweaty, head-pounding post-Patty's problem, treat your ills the Gaelic way: A full breakfast including fried breads (read: pancakes) called farls. The exact components vary, but basically you are looking at Irish bacon, black pudding -- a sausage made by cooking blood -- tomato and eggs. The regional Ulster Fry from Northern Ireland is particularly hearty, and, at a time like this, fried carbs are your friend.
+ Try this recipe or this one!

Eat like a hungover German = Currywurst
Imagine this mash-up: thick sausages, chopped up in pieces with a tomato-y/ketchup-y curry sauce. Sounds like it would make a man out of you, too? Good, time to man up to this German national dish so you are no longer crying about last night. A German friend says that he only eats it when drunk or trying to pull out of a hangover because it is the only thing open. Sure.
+ Try this recipe.

Eat like a hungover Belgian = Pommes frites with mayo

How American is a French fry? Not very. Then how French is it? Not incredibly, say the Belgians. It is not really what the Flemmish do with the chunky, fresh-cut, twice-fried rectangles of the root vegetable that will do you in, it is the ridiculous (ridiculously good) accompanying mayos they've created that make this hangover cure le bomb.
+ Try this recipe and steal this mayo idea from the NYC restaurant chain.

Eat like the hungover Japanese =
These potato pancakes literally mean "whatever you want, grilled" and the idea is to cook absolutely everything -- along with some carbs and protein so that the alcohol is soaked up. The usual suspects include: potatoes and eggs (mandatory), scallions, octopus (cautiously), cabbage, and fiery kimchi. Fish flakes, a sweet barbeque-like sauce, and mayo top off the creation, which is made right in front of you on a hot grill.
+ Try this recipe.

Eat like a hungover Canadian = Poutine

This go-to for any queasy Quebecois is so extremely wrong and extremely right, it's hard to reconcile. Take French Fries, top with fresh cheese "curds" and ladle on the gravy for the most basic version. Substitute a different cheese, turkey gravy or even marinara sauce for the advanced. Just so you know, fresh cheese curds make a squeaky sound when they are chewed ... This is a good thing.
+ Try this recipe.

Eat like a hungover Thai = Street vendor noodles
Oh, you clever, patient vendors, always targeting high-traffic spots where people spill out of the clubs drunk and ravenous. My favorite late night/early morning companion in Thailand was always a crazy spicy Pad Thai or a sweeter, satisfying Pad See Yew. Well, that wasn't always the companion.
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Eat like the hungover Dutch = A raw herring sandwich or broodje haring
It is simply an entire uncooked fish on a bun. You are supposed to eat it tail end first. Gulp. Try it with raw onions and pickles, or perhaps just some mustard. (This is the national dish of the Netherlands, so stop your scoffing!) Thanks to the amazing travel/food/drink show Three Sheets for turning me on to it.
+ If you dare, try this.

Eat like a hungover Indonesian = Nasi lemak

The basics of this Indonesian breakfast are coconut rice on the bottom, topped with anchovies, cucumber, fried egg and chili. It is more or less the Asian version of an English breakfast. The superspicy sambal sauce definitely sets it apart from its Western counterparts though. It is usually wrapped up in a coconut leaf for easy transport.
+ Try this recipe, or, just eat bacon.

Then there's always the "hair of the dog"... more St. Patty's Day cocktails.