Men enjoy higher wages and more leisure time.In case you're wondering, that hard-workin' man of yours who needs his weekend fishing trips and Vegas vacations with the boys actually spends 30 minutes a day more on leisure than you.

Surprise! You're the one in dire need of a vacation.

According a new international survey, men spend more time watching TV, hanging with their buds, playing sports and pursuing hobbies than their female counterparts -- particularly in wealthy countries like Britain, France, Italy and America.

Unlike previous surveys, this one didn't take into account the ways in which women spend their leisure time differently than men, but researchers suggested that the discrepancy was due to women spending a larger portion of their free time caring for children. Hey, what's that sound? Could it be a collective teeth gnashing as women everywhere realize that in addition to all this funny business, men get paid more too?

Way to be, life-giving uterus, for dooming us to a fate of busting our chops longer and harder for even less money. AGH!

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