angelina-jolie-yearbookHow much do you actually know about the celeb-coveted statue? Why the Oscar is called the Oscar, how much one statue is worth and more. (Holidash)

What's it like to be backstage at the Oscars? Bruce Grayson, the official Academy Awards head makeup artist spills the secrets. (StyleList)

They're beautiful now that they have an entourage of stylists and makeup artists behind them -- but were these 13 celebs knockouts back in the day? 13 shocking Oscar celebrity photos. (TheFrisky)
oscars-statueAre you always spot-on when it comes to Academy Award predictions? Pick your winners to play in College Candy's Oscar Contest -- winner gets a $200 gift bag courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics! (CollegeCandy)
wolfgang-puck-oscarsHaving friends over on Sunday night? Wolfgang Puck gives us a couple of pointers on throwing a memorable Oscars viewing party. (SlashFood)
champagne-bubblyWe made up a drinking game so you don't have to. Buy some champagne, flip on the Oscars, and get crunk. (Lemondrop)
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