pit-stainsThere comes a time in every woman's life when she finds the man of her dreams -- with the exception of one flaw.

Today, that flaw is his body odor.

Contrary to public opinion, the women of Lemondrop do exhibit ladylike behavior -- and in accordance, we'd never crush a man's self-esteem by telling him straight up that his B.O. reeks. So we asked you for advice: How do you tactfully tell a guy he smells?

Here are some words of wisdom from our readers:

1. Try actions that speak louder than words.
"We worked with a guy years ago -- we told him he stunk. The second time, we waited outside at lunch time for him and nailed his ass with a garden hose." -- hibuyamerican

2. Do an undercover investigation.
"The answer is to buttonhole his two closest friends and find out their opinions on this. There's a possibility he has a problem he doesn't even know about, but more than likely it's either a one-time happening or a last-minute moment of forgetfulness while getting dressed." -- al

3. Exhibit passive-aggressive behavior in hopes he'll catch on.
"Just say something like, 'What's that smell?' and pretend you don't know it's him. Then say, 'It smells like dead rats.'" -- Lorie

4. Purge your life of the offensive odor altogether.
"I once went out with someone who had pits that would stop a charging rhino, and another who suffered from compulsive flatulence. I just didn't know what to do, but since neither was likely to become the love of my life, I just didn't ask either out again." -- Wilson

Tell us! How do you deal with a smelly date without offending his feelings?