shhThe other day, our friends over at YourTango asked: When it comes to your family, how much sex talk is too much? And we started wondering: Do you discuss your sex life with your parents?

Lemondrop reader Sam says, "Hell no. I want them to think I died a virgin."

For some ladies, it's a selective process -- both in terms of what information to disclose and who to disclose it to. Jade tells us that she gossips about who she's hooking up with to her aunt but never to her immediate family. "That would be so weird. Like, hey Mom, my new boyfriend is the best at oral!"

Here at Lemondrop, we grew up on the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Our mother raised us to be celibate for life -- or until we wed a Harvard graduate with a six-figure income, anyway. All signs of remotely un-virgin-like behavior are swept under the rug without further discussion. Our mom thinks our boyfriend takes the couch when he sleeps over and the obscenely ruffly G-strings in our underwear drawer are purely for our own enjoyment.

What about you? Do you tell your mom about your conquests over wine? Or do you prefer to keep the details of your sex life in the bedroom?