cadbury-mini-eggsWe asked, you answered: Should Cadbury Mini Eggs be sold year-round? 62 percent of readers said there's no such thing as "too much of a good thing." But that's hardly a landslide victory. Here at Lemondrop, we have strong feelings when it comes to our candy, so we won't judge you if your name is say, Betse, and you really, really like your eggs:

"OMG..... the chocolate creme filled Cadbury Eggs!!! Now that is heaven. I swear, when I put the first bite in my mouth this time of year, I just close my eyes, savor the taste, and instantly feel a calmness come over me and everything is right with the world!"

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, according to Samwise246: "Should they be available all year round? NO! Absolutely not. Why? Because as good as they are, if you could get them all the time, you would get tired of them. I never thought it could happen to me with anything that tasted good, but it did. I fell in love with orange Tic-Tacs many years ago and would have some with me all the time. After about 6 months, they lost the allure and I rarely get any now. So, keep them seasonal, please."

GeoPat takes Cadbury egg strategy seriously, saying, "The Monday after Easter, I cruise the stores, looking for discount priced eggs. If I get enough of them, I freeze most of them, carefully calculating how many I can have weekly so that they just run out at the start of the next Easter season. Trouble is, I seem to 'miscalculate' and run out way before that."

We're not sure if Rod is still talking about Cadbury eggs, but here's um, a rather novel idea about how best to enjoy them: "My girlfriend makes sure she's baby butt smooth shaved where it counts. Then she "hides" a mini egg inside long enough for it to melt. Then I get the invitation to enjoy an egg. And we both take a mini trip to heaven. I love it, she loves it and the best part is that it takes forever to get all the chocolate and cream. I've been known to take more than an hour. Which she greatly appreciates. We buy loads of minis so I can go 'egg hunting' any time of the year."

Tell us! What other snack do you think should be sold year-round?