That's right. We just spotted Cadbury Mini Eggs in the wild (see exhibit A, above), and now our crosshairs are fixed on any pharmacy, grocery store or Super Wal-Mart within a 50-mile radius. But here at the Lemondrop office -- where the eggs' arrival caused a Mini uproar -- we're divided on a very serious question: Should the covetable chocolates covered in a crisp sugar shell be sold all year long, or are they best kept as a once-a-year egg-shaped treat sold only at Easter?

Carrie says: "First, you just can't get too much of a really perfect thing, whether it's piña coladas at a swim-up bar, mind-blowing sex with someone new or Mini Eggs in all seasons. I also support the Mini Eggs 365 theory for the same reason I support gay marriage: Any important cultural institution should be available to all -- including addictive chocolate eggs. Trotting them out during Lent alone isn't fair to non-Christians who worship the Mini Egg, but don't want to be seen with the telltale Easter-hued bag. Mini Eggs are so good they ought to be secularized: Cadbury should rename them Pagan Nibbles and make them available always!

Erin says: "Much like the beginning of flip-flop weather, the first day you can lay out and not freeze when the sun passes behind the clouds and October baseball, I look forward to little things that mark the changing of the seasons. I wouldn't appreciate the Cadbury Mini Egg if I was able to have it year-round. I much prefer hoarding a few half-off, post-Easter bags and hiding them in my apartment, only to stumble upon the bag later in the year and get EXCITED."