How much sex do you have? And now, for a completely different question, do you think you're having enough sex?

A recent survey asked women about things like sexual frequency and emotional states and found that anywhere from 28% to 38% of women ages 35 and up report that they "never" have sex.


What's keeping them from the Doing of the It? Researchers say: expectations. They deduced that women are struggling with unrealistic portrayals of sex in movies, TV, and women's magazines; expectations that we should come home from a long day at work and feel like having wild steamy sex, that "normal" people are having tons of sex all the time, or that guys want sex all the time, no matter what. Then this happens: expectation to do a thing --> natural passion to do that thing dwindling --> resentment that you have to do that thing --> guilt --> repeat.

Maybe what we should really be working on is making sex just as much about us as we do about the people we're having it with. That way, when researchers call us to ask us about our sex lives, we can report on the quality, not the quantity.

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