slappingEver hit a guy -- on request? Last week, Lemondrop's Single Guy blogger wrote about his weakness for a good smack on the cheek. His fetish for pain had us curious to hear your stories of (solicited) slapping.

Mad admits she's hit a guy or two in her time: "One guy was just cruising for it -- he had stolen my new marshmallow flavored pink lip gloss then snuck up behind me and smooched me on the cheek with it, leaving a glob of sticky pink glittery sugary residue on my face. I was so mad I slapped him -- so hard I felt his jaw crack. He guffawed and asked for another. I was more than happy to oblige! I think I slapped him three or four times that night."

According to J, a mutual "pain-is-pleasure" mentality can bond two people more than you might think. She tells us how hitting a guy in the face landed her in her current relationship: "I fell for a guy who made it clear he wanted to be slapped in the face. He was actually flirting with another girl who couldn't bring herself to really do it. Later in the night I stole his cigarette, slapped him in the face, gave him a kiss and returned to the celebration. Two years later -- he's talented, brilliant, caring and mine."

The guy might be the one asking for it, but can both parties derive pleasure from swift palm-to-cheek contact? Maybe so, says Psychethos: "I've also been asked by a few male friends to be slapped, and have complied. Even though I'm usually more of a masochist than a sadist, the rush you get from slapping a guy is intoxicating. It's definitely more fun when it is agreed upon though, as the one time I slapped my boyfriend (although he more than deserved it) made me feel less powerful than crippled with guilt."

In response to some readers' put-off comments, Shannon says, "Face slapping can be a total turn on but both parties have to want it or at least be willing to explore it. He isn't talking about going up to random guys and slapping them across the face. My husband loves it when I slap him, we are both into BDSM, and he has taught me everything I know, but the first time I slapped him you should have seen his face. The expression was pure surprise and total lust. Explore you wild sides and inner fantasies, people."

We want to know -- Is slapping the key to a guy's heart -- or rather, his sexual desire? "And to think I've been trying to charm them with my intellect, beauty, and humor, when I really should just be inviting a guy over for a 'private' Taebo lesson," says Muh718.

What are your thoughts on slapping: Is it a turn-on or a weird perversion? Tell us your "slappening" stories!