Ever since Gemma Ward strutted down the Chanel runway on two things that more closely resembled human legs than fleshy toothpicks that bend, the supermodel has had a hard time getting work, reports the most recent issue of Page Six magazine. Aw, come on!

What does a "fat model" look like? You're looking at it. The picture at left is from the night Ward shocked the fashion world by being "big." In fact, after the show one headline read: "CHANEL SPRING '08 EMBRACES THE BIG GIRL."

Dear Lord Above, if that's a big girl, we may as well eat tubs of frosting for the rest of our lives, because we ain't never going to be thin.

Gemma started modeling when she was 16, which means that we were all looking at the cover of Vogue wondering why we couldn't look like someone who should have been studying 10th-grade geography.

How incredibly messed up is that? Now she's 22 and has filled out accordingly, which unfortunately means work for her is very scarce, even though we would love to see a model who isn't an amalgamation of sharp angles and jutting bones.

After all, there's always another rail-thin teenager out there somewhere who would gladly take her place. Maybe modeling agencies should look to the UK, where teenage girls are starving themselves so they can look like the "before" Gemma. Good job, fashion industry: From now on I'm buying all my clothes from Conway, just to be sure you don't get my money.

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