Here at Lemondrop, we have a long history of loving on nerds, so we figured we'd bring you some Valentine's Day e-cards with a decidedly geeky flair.

Now you can tell your favorite mouth-breather just how you feel, particularly if he lives and breathes for "Star Trek," "Avatar" or "Lord of the Rings."

Simply choose your favorite e-card from below:
The "Star Trek" mash note reads: "I'd like to beam you into my bed." -- in Klingon.
The "Avatar" bodice ripper: "Be my ikran and let's ride together." -- in Na'vi.
And the "Lord of the Rings"–themed card: "I am yours to command." -- in Elvish.

In case your geeky Valentine isn't quite fluent yet, the English translation is below.
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avatar valentines
Illustrations by Alex Eben Meyer who has also designed for The New York Times and He is curly-haired, rarely seen without his sketchbook and has watched far too much "Star Trek" in his life.