Hooters -- Doing It Our Way!Holy Chicken Wings, Hooters is for sale! Allegedly in financial distress, the Atlanta-based chain has been looking around for a potential buyer.

As you can probably imagine, this has got us thinking what we here at Lemondrop would do if we had the estimated $250-million asking price for the franchise (and somehow managed not to squander it all on Booty Pops and three-martini lunches).

We love us some wings and some lots-of-beer! Perhaps this is destiny calling?

Here are a few things we'd do if we were president (... of Hooters):

-- First off, the weird flesh-colored leggings all the girls sport under their shorts? No longer mandatory. In fact, they're banned.

-- Friday would officially be Hoodie Day!

-- Also, let's get a little sausage up in this clambake! We want our wings (now also available in "vegetarian") brought to us by a man in short shorts. Not too short though. If you can see his bits and pieces when he bends over to grab the fork you've "mistakenly" dropped, a very important line has been crossed.

-- Wednesday will be Ladies' Night -- two-for-one beers and old Patrick Swayze / Christian Slater movies instead of college sports.

-- Maybe some corn dogs.

We think we've got one heck of a business plan, Mr. Loan Officer / mysterious multi-millionaire who wants to lend us a cool $250 mil.

Sincerely, Team Lemondrop.