Esquire's annual Survey of the American Woman 2010 has officially been posted, and this year, they're picking our brains for a worthy cause: For every woman who coughs up her innermost thoughts, the magazine will donate $1 to earthquake relief in Haiti. (So go fill it out. It takes less time than a Facebook quiz)

While the guys are waiting with bated breath for our answers, we get a kick out of the questions they chose -- and the insight it provides into the male mind. You can almost imagine them squirreled away in a room somewhere scratching their heads about what really goes on in ours.

And, from what we can glean, here is what men most want to know about women in 2010:

1) How savvy are we about driving and car repair? (No fewer than three questions ask us about changing a tire, changing the oil, and whether we know how to parallel park.)

2) How do we think they should behave on dates? (As evidenced by questions like: Who should pay? Should he hold the door? Pull out your chair? Help you with your coat? And, by the way, how soon are we willing to have sex?!)

3) And, of course, who would we do if we were secretly lesbians? esquire state of the american woman survey

Keep dreaming, guys.

Tell us: If Lemondrop were designing a survey to find out What Guys Everywhere Really Think, what would you most want us to ask them?

Because, so far, we have just one question: Why does it take you so long to poop?