Dating Expert Amy SpencerAmy Spencer is a dating expert and the author of "Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match" (Running Press). We asked her the dating questions that continue to baffle us.

Lemondrop asks: How can you tell if a guy is stringing you along?

Amy answers: My take is trust your gut. It's your radar for the wrong guy -- I call it your "wrong-dar" -- and it will tell you when you're being jerked around and not being treated as well as you deserve to be. If you're not feeling your sexiest, coolest, funniest, warmest, most natural self around a guy, something's not right.

If you feel yanked, you are. You deserve better. If he just wants to take things slow, a guy will say something like, "I don't have that much time to devote to a serious relationship just yet, so I can only hang out with you once a week." He should still make you feel special and cared for in the meantime. He'll let you know, for instance, if there's no one else and say something like, "You're the only one I'm dating, I just don't want to be boyfriend-girlfriend yet."

BUT, there is still the possibility that he's looking for other options and, inadvertently, stringing you along. The fact is, men are pretty black and white about what they want. If a guy really likes you and just you, he won't want to take things slow. I say find someone who wants to snatch you up and claim you for his very own as fast as he can.

Meeting Your Half-Orange by Amy Spencer

Amy Spencer has written for Glamour, New York, Harper's Bazaar, Page Six magazine and among other publications, She is also the former host of the relationship call-in radio show "Sex Files" on Sirius satellite radio's Maxim channel, and also created and writes for The Dating