Usually, we find beer commercials funny -- like the Miller Lite online dating spoof, or those Coors spots with the coaches. And that's good, because this Sunday we're going to be bombarded with them. I'm just hoping that none of the Super Bowl debuts will paint women in a shallow, needy light like this Miller Lite commercial:

This commercial has been airing all football season, and every time it comes on, it makes my blood boil. Watching this whiny, needy chick ask her boyfriend to choose her over his dog and his mom? Well, as fellow Lemondrop editor Julieanne says, this "makes us sound like shrill a-holes." And that little storm-away-from-the-table hissy fit that follows? Drives us up a wall. Pretty much all the girls I know -- and most guys, too -- drink light beer when we're watching the game or with friends. I don't know why they feel like they have to alienate half their audience.

Seeing Miller cast us as childish, attention-seeking brats makes me want to slam down my Miller Lite and become a Bud girl. Amirite, ladies?