super bowlSupport your Super Bowl team with spirited, cute face paint! Lady Gaga shouldn't be the only one to get away with colorful makeup, after all. (StyleList)

And after you're painted up, relax with friends, a bottle of your favorite bottom-shelf liquor and a few of these drinking games. (CollegeCandy)

The desire to be surrounded by intricately drawn trees, flowers and birds is strong for us ladyfolk, believe us. Look no further than cutesy wall decals to fill the void. (Design Sponge)
obamaThe national deficit was huge before President Obama, and it'll be huge after. Why POTUS needs to convince the GOP (and their voters) of that fact. (Salon)
valentines dayV-Day can be a touchy subject for young women, but no matter your relationship status, treat yourself to girly goodies for the occasion. (Elle)
dating siteYou met your BF on a dating site, then you took down your profile, but his is still up? What do you do? (TresSugar)