If you've ever seen the Discovery Channel's hit TV show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," you know just how insane some of these true stories are. Like, really? A) How could you not know you're pregnant? and B) This has happened to enough women to populate an entire series?

In any case, what's even more ridiculous are the overly dramatic re-enactments by actresses pretending to be ladies who finally realized they were with child and going straight into labor. (Got that?)

A recent Videogum post detailing an "IDKIWP" casting call reveals just a sliver of what these actresses have to go through during the audition process.

But who says there are no parts for minorities in Hollywood? If you're a 30-something Native American woman who wants to pretend to find her placenta on the bathroom floor, there sure are. Oh, but you must have a newborn baby who looks Native American, is under 10 lbs., and is at least 15 days old. Uh, good luck finding that, Discovery Channel.

Check out how the whole disturbing show comes together in this clip. Enjoy!

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