A story of dubious legitimacy about a teenager without a vagina who became pregnant after swallowing semen and then getting knifed in the gut is making the rounds on the Internet, after being scrounged up in a decades-old British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Apparently the 15-year-old's ex came in and attacked the girl and her boyfriend at work shortly after the girl performed fellatio. Why was a 15-year-old giving her BF a BJ at her place of work? Because she didn't have a hoo-hoo -- just a small dent that wasn't good for much of anything. She was stabbed once in the abdomen and received cuts on her hand.

The idea is that the saliva in the girl's mouth acted as a buffer against the acid in her stomach (of which there wasn't much since she was malnourished) and allowed the semen to pass through her abdomen undestroyed where it made its way into her uterus and impregnated her first ever viable egg, since the girl had not yet gotten her period. 278 days later she went into labor. Uhhhh, sure she did.

If all of this sounds familiar, maybe it's because you've heard the old Civil War story about a soldier who impregnated a woman 100 feet away when he got shot in the nuts and the sperm-coated bullet nicked her in the ovary. Or maybe it's because the story was in the Weekly World News a while ago. Oh, Internet, sometimes we just don't know what to believe!