Using pronouns like we makes a couple healthy You know the types: We love sushi. We hate "30 Rock." We always vacation at Sandals.

It's annoying, sure. But new research suggests that couples who refer to themselves using pronouns like "we" and "our" apparently are not only better at making us very annoyed -- they also resolve conflict more successfully.

It turns out the couples' success comes from having a sense of unity with their partner that helps them grow closer and behave more positively toward each other.

Scientists at UC Berkeley asked couples to talk about points of disagreement in their marriages and analyzed their speech patterns. They found that pairs who used shared pronouns like "we" and "us" were generally happier and healthier in their relationships, where as those who peppered their speech with "I" and "you" were less close and tended to be more stressed and unhappy in general.

Fine, even if the habit of referring to yourself in the plural when you're not the Queen of England is more than a trifle annoying. If we-we-we-ing all the way home really is your best shot at making marriage work, then it still begs the question: How far should a couple who wants to live happily ever after take this tendency?

Is dressing alike the next way to ensure you don't end up getting a D-I-V-O-R-C-E? Should they take up synchronized swimming? Engage in overly complicated old-timey dance routines? Or walk in lockstep all the freaking time on purpose?!

And while we're at it -- what married couple habits make you crawl the walls? We'll will be waiting with gritted teeth and bated breath. And by that we mean ... we.

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