Dating expert Amy SpencerAmy Spencer is a dating expert and the author of "Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match" (Running Press). We ask her the dating questions that continue to baffle us.

Lemondrop asks: What do you do if the guy you're dating stops calling?

Amy answers: Over the early course of a relationship, it's natural for five calls a day to taper off a bit. But any abrupt change -- where you suddenly can't get a hold of him or he doesn't call you back -- is cause for concern.

Every guy stops calling for different reasons. Maybe he's too busy with work or likes someone else or is packing for a long trip. But every answer leads to the same bad news: Whatever he's doing is more important than calling you.

Greg Behrendt, the co-author of "He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Guide to Understanding Guys," said it best: "If he's not calling you, he's just not that into you." Guys know that if they just stop calling, it (you, the relationship) will go away.

It may be a coward's way of ending it, but it's a pretty clear sign. As much as you might not like that answer, look at it as a Get Out of a Lame Guy's Life card.

What do you do from there? Kick him to the mental curb. Pity the fool for not realizing what a catch you are. Move on, put your chin up and your smile on, and get ready for the guy who can't get enough of you.
Meeting Your Half-Orange by Amy Spencer

About Amy: Amy Spencer has written for Glamour, New York, Harper's Bazaar, Page Six magazine
and among other publications. She is the former host of the relationship call-in radio show "Sex Files" on Sirius satellite radio's Maxim channel, and also created and writes for The Dating

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