Parents want an educational children's book banned for lessons on Vermont.You can teach the children in Green County, Okla., about where maple syrup comes from, but you better not teach them what a civil union is. There are some things about Vermont they don't need to know.

Hats with ear flaps, moose and cheddar cheese are all OK, but the part in the Arthur book "Buster's Sugartime" that mentions how people of the same gender can file taxes together and visit one another in the hospital legally in that state is inappropriate for children, according to their parents.

They want the book banned from the Thomas Jefferson Elementary library where it currently resides, corrupting the minds of youth by informing them of laws in places other than Oklahoma. Parents are mortified, despite the fact that the book is merely pointing out behavior that is perfectly legal in other parts of their own country.

If the book makes it in front of the school board for consideration, it will be its second time since October; after all, what place does a book that doesn't match certain parents' religious views have in a public school library? Is this America or isn't it? Can we get some censorship or what?

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