sean conneryLike a good bottle of red, men just get better and better with time. And if older women lust after Robert Pattinson with such shameless abandon, is it so wildly inappropriate for us to admit we have the hots for men who get the senior citizen discount?

After we had a convo in the office last week about the old dudes we obsess over, we asked Lemondrop readers: How old would you go, and if you did, who would you do?

We tallied up your votes for the 60-and-up club and came up with this. Behold, an awesome top 10 list of old dudes we'd do:

1. Sean Connery: While Sean was the obvious winner, nobody actually provided substantial arguments as to why they'd choose to bone him over our other aging dreamboats. Oh wait, HE'S SEAN CONNERY. No explanation needed.

2. Alan Rickman: Outside his role as Severus "Greasemaster" Snape, Alan Rickman is all good, all the time. Kaku says, "He has the sexiest hands I've ever seen and quite the sexy voice. I would definitely hit it like the fist of an angry God."

3. Paul McCartney:
English singer-songwriter, poet, composer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, record and film producer, painter, and animal-rights and peace activist -- even Paul McCartney's Wikipedia description turns us on. "He is a doll baby though, and he deserves a good stupping from someone who won't claim to have helped his musical career and then steal half his money over it," says boingytwigs.

4. David Bowie: The man, the myth, the legend. Kimi says, "The man transcends age in ways I haven't figured out yet, but don't really want to. Yum indeed."

5. Sam Elliott: "Those deep, soul-searing eyes, that lean, graceful, cowboy-biker physique, his smooth demeanor ..." -- Luna's obsessed, and understandably so. She adds, "You can just look at him and tell he's cooler than the other side of the pillow, and of course that voice ... he could just whisper in your ear and melt you faster than butter on a hot skillet."

6. Alec Baldwin: All right, so 52 isn't that old, but we have faith he'll grow into his golden years just as beautifully as any other man on this list. "I would totally rock Alec Baldwin's world," says Tobey.

7. George Clooney: Ever the bachelor both onscreen and off, George has had us wrapped around his little finger for years. "Dare I say it? Clooney. Dude's gettin' old. Seeing him on the red carpet with that little Italian gal and his wooly, silver beard ... yeah, George is gettin' old. But yeah, I'd still do him!" says Tart and Soul.

8. Tom Selleck: As much as we love Chandler and Monica together, a little part of us remains on Team Richard. Word has it he was single-handedly responsible for live audiences being removed from the "Friends" set, as the audience became too excitable in his presence.

9. Richard Gere: There's a reason "Pretty Woman" remains our favorite movie to date. Hell, we'd let him kiss on the lips, no problem.

10. Harrison Ford: "A threesome with Harrison Ford and Billy Dee Williams. I love Star Wars," says Ividiawillia. (Ah, a woman after our own heart.)

Tell us! What old dudes would you shed your age-inhibitions for?