So what are geeks inclined to talk about over a Guinness on a typical Friday evening?

If you happen to find yourself at Nerd Nite, a monthly gathering held at big-city watering holes across the country -- D.C., Chicago, Austin and New York, to name a few -- the eclectic topics up for discussion could range from the art of the optical illusion to how to fuse an atom in your very own basement (yes, we should all be very afraid) to the burgeoning field of sexual robotics.

Yes, you heard us right.

Come on, you didn't really think that high IQ translates into low sex drive, did you? New York City–based Laura G. Duncan doesn't either. In fact, Duncan's become somewhat of a Nerd Nite darling thanks to two presentations she's given to a completely enraptured audience on her chosen area of expertise: getting it on with robots.

The official term for toys that interface with computers is teledildonics. And you can forget Internet porn -- according to Duncan, the future of the sex industry is all about sperm bots and steel-skeleton sex dolls (for guys and girls) that average about $3,000 and supposedly offer just as many thrills as a flesh-and-bone one-nighter.

At a recent Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas, Roxxxy officially hit the, er, market. She's the first sex bot to talk, in addition to having C-cups, a heartbeat and "flesh-like" skin that gives her the appearance of a Madame Tussaud castoff.

Prospective human companions willing to shell out up to $9,000 can choose from one of five preloaded personality types: Wild Wendy, S&M Susan, Frigid Farrah, Mature Martha and, creepiest of all, Young.

And yes, to all of you still scouting for a Valentine, Roxxxy's male counterpart, Rocky, is currently being fitted for his boy parts.

Liz Ozaist is an editor and writer in Brooklyn, NY who's as obsessed with her two brilliant dachshunds, Balthazar and Felix, as she is with seeing every corner of the world.

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