Mo'nique shows off her hairy legs at the SAG awardsAt Sunday night's Golden Globe awards, Mo'nique's hottest accessory was, depending on where you stand, her very hairy legs.

This wasn't the first time she's gone public about her leg stubble -- back in 2006, the actress-comedian told the ladies of "The View" that she doesn't shave because it takes too much time in the morning. And she wasn't kidding. She even hiked up her maxi-dress, joking that she was showing America what "a real leg looks like." What she didn't say is that only an unshaven leg is a "real leg," the argument offered by the ladies over at Jezebel.

I'm glad Mo'nique didn't go out on that limb, because in my opinion, it doesn't make you any less of a real woman, or a true feminist, if you take a razor to what God gave you.

Maybe shaving did begin as a social convention popularized by some real-life Don Draper type over at Gillette, who decided women needed to weed-whack to sell more disposable razors back in the early 20th century. Guess what? As far back as 4000 B.C., women were mixing up homemade depilatory creams from stuff like arsenic and starch, and I doubt it was to look good in a mini-pelt -- or to live up to some dude's notion of beauty.

I'd personally like to shake Mr. Ad Man's (likely well-manicured) hand and thank him for giving me one of the most exquisite pleasures a 21st-century woman can have on her own: the feel of freshly shaved legs under freshly cleaned sheets.*

And savoring that feeling doesn't make me any less of a woman. After all, feminism is about choices -- to work or stay home, to unbutton or to button -- and to shave or grow out. What you choose doesn't make you any less "authentic." But I have to be honest: Hairy legs on chicks grosses me out.

While I applaud Mo'nique for going against the norm, especially in Hollywood (though this NSFW clip of her stand-up routine at a women's prison clearly shows leg hair is the least of it -- this lady has balls), I simply want nothing to do with it myself.

Disagree with me? I dare you: Go do your laundry, invest in a Bic, and then try crawling into bed. Bliss.

*I also highly recommend
these modal sheets from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They're made from beech tree cotton and they're AMAZING. And you know your mom has a million of those 20 percent off coupons tacked to a bulletin board somewhere that she's just waiting to give you (the store even accepts expired ones!), so they're affordable, too. I have both jersey and sateen.