ipad maxi padThe Apple iPad is here!

We're tech nerds here at Lemondrop, so naturally, we were waiting with bated breath for the launch of the new Apple tablet: the iPad. While we can't help but feel some strange associations with their particular choice of monikers, we predict that most girls will use the iPad for a few years, and then they'll switch to something smaller and more compact.

In the meantime, we have a couple of questions about the iPad:

1. Is there some kind of alternative tablet I can use in case I have to go swimming?

2. How will it stand up to other tablets if I pour a test tube full of blue water on it?

3. Will the 16-, 32- and 64-gig varieties be referred to as "light," "regular," and "super"?

4. Sometimes I leave food in my laptop bag. Can you make one that makes it smell like a light, spring rain?

5. I'm a cheerleader. Is it possible that the tablet could come flying out in the middle of a routine?

6. Can I still wear white pants? Will it make them look bulky?

7. Will my boyfriend be able to go to the Apple Store and buy it for me without being embarrassed?

8. If I pelted a shy girl with latent telekinetic powers with iPads, wouldn't she die?

9. If I have sex when I'm using the iPad, do I have to lay down a towel?

(bonus: There's some douche on your iPad)

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