Have you seen this commercial? It's for the Body by Jake Tower 200. We find it mesmerizing.

The ad can't really be explained. Suffice to say that it involves moves with names like "The Freak," "The Demon," and "The Warrior" that you can do "at home or your office." Really? Really? You can do "The Demon" at your office? (Uhhh, what's that screaming and slamming I'm hearing? Oh, that. That's Frank. He's doing "The Freak." Yeah, he does it for a minute and then collapses into a mini-coma. He usually is back up and around in 20 minutes, but if you don't hear anything for 45 minutes then call a doctor.)

Or at home? Would a woman really stay married to a guy doing "The Freak"? Would a woman feel comfortable sleeping in bed with a guy doing "The Demon"? I know that he's trying to get in shape, but he has to be a psycho to choose this workout instead of something normal. Enjoy!