facebook-tess-chapinWe've already declared our stance on parents talking about their kids on Facebook -- but what happens when the tables are turned?

Tess Chapin, a 15-year-old from Sunnyside, Queens, took to the virtual rooftops after her parents grounded her by creating a (now-defunct) Facebook group titled "1000 to get tess ungrounded." Her crime? Drinking at a party and breaking her 11:30 p.m. curfew by an hour. Discipline-worthy, right?

Not according to Tess. The description of her group, filed under "Organizations: Advocacy" said: "so basically i was grounded for 5 weeks for a MISTAKE that i didnt fully know the outcome of. my parents flipped s*** and grounded me for 5 WEEKS. thats my childhood right there."

While eloquence -- or proper grammar -- may not be her forte, Tess is an apparent word-of-mouth marketing champ -- she had no problem surpassing her 1,000-member mark (probably with some help from The New York Times). The group's wall soon filled with both support and derision from plenty of strangers.

Well, the e-advocacy ended up being a lost cause -- despite rounding up the Internet troops to "ban together as teenagers and proove something to my parents" who were "actin a fool," our little instigator unshockingly remains grounded. But hey, at least she's got Facebook to get her through the five weeks, which is more than we can say for our childhood punishment, which were spent staring at our bedroom walls.