First male prostitute is quite a handful.Don't call "Markus" a hooker -- he's a "surrogate lover."

Meet America's first legal male prostitute. Markus -- his work handle; his real name is as yet unknown -- is not opposed to the term gigolo or, apparently, comparing himself to Rosa Parks*. After reading an interview with him in the latest issue of Details, we wonder if anybody would actually want to sleep with this guy.

Arriving at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada fresh from his spot at a homeless shelter* in Santa Monica*, Markus admits that he is relatively sexually inexperienced*, but swears he's really good in bed*. He found himself applying for for the job of America's first legit gigolo when his brief foray into porn* left him feeling like a marginalized artist* or something.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, sorry, men -- his penis may be for sale, but his sphincter is off-limits. So that answers that burning question. Poor choice of words?

*It's a good thing you're just supposed to pay this guy for sex and not be in a relationship with him, because he's got deal-breakers popping up all over the place.