Ever randomly looked at the number of Facebook friends you have and noticed that you're missing a few?

You get paranoid and wonder if somebody deleted their account, or if your old boyfriend finally dropped you after weeks without communication. In the past, you've had to be something of a Facebook detective to figure out who dropped you -- but no more, because now you can use Defriended!

This new iPhone app by i-Doodz won't shelter you from the sting of finding out that someone doesn't want to be friends anymore, a sting from which the loving arms of Facebook traditionally tried to protect you. Basically, Defriended runs a scan on your friends list each time you log in, and compares it to the last time you logged in. Any changes are noted and reported back to you immediately.

i-Doodz claims that their next update of this app will have a feature that will make defriending "a bit more public." We can't wait / are terrified to imagine what that will look like. Perhaps a survey sent out automatically asking your ex-friends why they chose to give you the axe? Terrifying! Go to the site to get the app, which is just 99 cents and may cause you to stop posting so many status updates about what your cat is doing.

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