If you were a bridesmaid -- or even just a wedding guest -- in 2009, you know that some of the year's hottest knot-tying trends were truly trying.

Personally, if we never see another multi-tiered-cupcake cake, bride-and-groom karaoke number or cutesy custom cocktail (the Matt-'n-Tina-tini, anyone?), we could die alone and happy. But just when you thought it was safe to go back to the chapel, here's a forecast of some of the most annoying things you'll most likely be asked to embrace at weddings in 2010.

The Wedding Singer, Part Two:
Cover bands and singers are actually making a comeback. As funny as Adam Sandler was, actually listening to a wedding singer can be excruciating. While we're not dogging their talent, Chris De Burgh's "Lady in Red" is easier to swallow via MP3.

Doggie Attendants: Ladies and gents? They're not your literal best friends. And just because we're bridesmaids doesn't mean we're going to take your Shiba Inu out for a walk during the reception. (Unless you insist on having a bouquet toss, in which case, sign us up.) Otherwise: Don't. Please. Just. Don't.

Viral overload: We already told you about the groom who changed his Facebook status after saying, "I do." And while we never thought tweeting your vows would really catch on, 2010 brides and grooms are social networking their way all the way to the altar and back. Prepare for lots of Facebook photo tag alerts -- not to mention video clips of a sloshed you doing the Electric Slide.

Lighting goes green: Forget about dining by candlelight. Taking a cue from ravers, couples are looking to LED lights to make their receptions shine. While we don't generally frown on eco-friendliness, all that stage lighting can kill the romance, no? This isn't an "American Idol" performance.

The bolder, the better. Red, bright orange and even hot pink are creeping into the bridal party's color palette this year. Get ready to look alarmingly like an exotic parrot -- accessorized with an oversize bow. Now that the aughts are over, simplicity will be thrown out the window. Word to the wise: Keep a pair of shades in your clutch.

Buttercream is back: Okay, this is actually a trend we can get behind. Say a fond farewell to fondant -- that doughy, tasteless layer that traditionally covers wedding cake. 2010 is all about buttercream. The only potential downsides we see? While this would definitely improve the flavor, all that dieting to fit into that dress will definitely go to waste. And if you're a messy eater, be sure to send your dry-cleaning bill to the bride.

The rise of microdesserts: Small=cute is still the reigning dessert philosophy in 2010. While this is hardly a new idea, it won't be a big surprise if cupcakes, pot de cremes and lemon squares too small to be seen by the naked eye are in plentiful supply. But, you know, we might even temporarily suspend our disdain for smashing cake in each other's faces if that tradition were to be replaced by smashing a sundae glass on someone's head instead.

Then again, maybe microcupcakes, delivered by a fleet of bowtie-clad microchihuahuas, is your idea of matrimonial bliss. Tell us: Which wedding trends annoy you to no end?

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