I have bad hair. As socially debilitating genes go, it ranks right up there with my alcoholism and my fat-corpse-in-a-wood-chipper snoring.

I'm talking about midwinter static here. Really, really bad hair static. Just when I'm finally finished dealing with the heartbreak of summer humidity, arid winter arrives and makes me look as though I spent the morning trying to pry a Pop-Tart out of a live toaster. (I did, but what's your point?) When I take off my scarf at work, half of my hair clings to my face in an unholy hulihee* while the rest of it spazzes out into electrically charged liberty spikes.

I know that blow-drying and straightening make this worse, but I have coarse, wavy hair -- think a crimped horse's tail caught in a jet engine -- and I can't air dry it. I'm also half-Greek, which means I'm naturally oilier than a tin of sardines. If I try to add any kind of product in the morning, my hair is limp, and my forehead is shiny by noon.

Lemondrop editor and possessor of Really Great Hair Erin Scottberg suggested that I keep dryer sheets in my purse and rub them on my head when I get a case of the Beetlejuices. It's an old trick she read about when she was "like twelve." I'm going to give it a whirl, but I figured if Erin had a quick fix, maybe our readers did too.

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* It's a type of beard, my dawgs, look it up!